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Howling for Home


"Howling for Home"     was a  team  project   made  for    GlobalGameJam 2019

link: https://globalgamejam.org/2019/games/howling-home

This is the updated version, since our GGJ submission wasn't working as intended.


"Howling for Home" is about hope and finding your way back home. You play as a lone wolf that lost his pack and tries to make his way through an unforgiving ice world to reunite with your family. Only getting hope of escaping these frozen lands from the distant howls of your pack. So you wander forward and howl for home.


Move - WASD
Sneak - ctrl // RMB
Jump - Spacebar
Attack - alt // LMB
Howl - Y


Michael Kaiser 3D Enviroment Art

Dominique Mowius Rigging/Animation

Sophie Donhauser 3D Art Direction/Texture Artist/Shader

Andre Schulz 3D Creature Design

Ann-Katrin Sechtem Concept Art/2D Art

Nils Hübner Audio Design/Marketing

Dominik Geuer UI/UX/Technical UI

Tim Dümpelmann Gameplay Programming/Visual Effects

Install instructions

Thanks for downloading.

Just extract the .zip and start the HowlingHome.exe! Enjoy the game!


Move - WASD

Sneak - CTRL // RMB

Jump - Spacebar

Attack - ALT // LMB

Howl - Y


HowlingForHome.rar 260 MB
HowlingForHome.zip 266 MB


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I tried it and I think the controls need tweaking & a free camera would help. The constant auto-adjustment of the camera is... odd. :)